It was a quiet Monday morning that I met no body at all until arriving at the entrance of the park where the park attendant was checking the communication device. I slipped through the half opened gate to enter the park full of silhouettes. Being surrounded amongst bundles of silhouettes, I was not the earliest person in the park, because a few park regulars had been wandering near the tennis courts. The area under the metal canopy was all left to me again before the foreign maid arrived to leave her bags on the bench. Knowing that it was a precious moment for me to sketch the view, when the passes-by had not drops in yet, I chose to depict the view locating above the last segment. I began with extending the pillars from the bottom up to join the slanting rooftops of the canopies. And at the peripherals to the adjacent segment, the central beam bisected the rooftop in symmetrical halves. Looking at the composition within the segments, I was amazed to find myself painting inside a tunnel erected by a cluster of canopies in geometric forms. The sun began to raise behind the wall of the highway bridge, casting hot rays to shine through the corners of the slanting canopy, which instantly disabled my eyesight form depicting the view any more. Well! Perhaps it was time to leave when passers-by crowded the place.


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