The midnight shower stopped at dawn. The ground was not as wet as yesterday, but the oldies seemed to enjoy exercising under the trees by the entrance of the park rather than the metal canopy by the side of the basketball field. I felt happy that the area of the metal canopy might have all left to me, at least for a short while. A few park regulars slipped through the slightly opened gate after me while daylight was tuning bright fast. Soon as I arrived the bench under the metal canopy, I started to paint quickly before any of the frequent passers-by might drop in at any time. Though it was a litter gloomy under the shade, I could clearly identify the gestures and color tones of the elements amongst the scene that I depicted yesterday. But some area on the paper seemed to resist absorbing paints, where I suspected to have carelessly stained with oily mosquitoes repellent. The nasty oldie on wheel chair came to station on the bench next to me. She stood behind the bench to stretch body and blocked the whole scene in front of me. The regular friends came along while rain fell upon their chats. Since the showering rain did not allow me to linger, and the images of these oldies were not to be inserted on my picture that I made another pause.


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