Thunder roared and lightening shocked at midnight. Water drops hit the windowsills noisily when the sky was still dark and rain stopped. I got out of bed reluctantly worrying about if the rain might fall, the gate locked or the bench too wet to stay again. Then I made sure all the necessary stuffs were packed before setting off to the park. I stepped on the watery ground where a few silhouettes of people wandered about. The flimsy water reflected glows of the office towers giving light to guide the newspaperman, who was pulling his trolley of newspapers while delivering them from door to door. Under the navy blue sky I clearly saw the gate at the entrance was half opened and I slipped in silently.   Along the pathway to the basketball field, it was absolutely quiet with no sight of living creatures amongst the silhouettes of plants. The bench that I used to stay was too watery to sit for painting, and has taken me time to overlay with newspapers and plastic sheet on top. Daylight turning bright fast while I was too anxious to paint without spraying mosquitoes repellent on my arms and have given them a chance to flit daredevilry in front of my eyes. With no time to waste, I quickly decided to sketch the view behind the benches where the oldies used to stay when they were absent again. Yet the geometric perspectives of the pillars and wooden beam benches tackled my patience to measure them. Dark clouds floated in suddenly shading the park to become gloomy, when a guy came to stretch his body around, soon a group of oldies arrived to replace him. Thunder roared again overwhelming the chatting noise of people and rain fell instantly without further warning. I was in no time to pack but removing the drawing kit to the next bench…. Then I had to make pause to the morning’s work.


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