I lingered on bed while it was still dark, but dawn broke fast. I set off on the gloomy street meeting a few silhouettes of people wandering. The gate was opened wide with no sight of people at all, so I entered the gloomy park at the entrance without feeling guilty or scare. I walked pass the bottom of the viewing platform noticing thick clouds shading the sky grey, then steeping on the shadows of trees I carried on walking toward the empty Tai Chi square. I reached the basketball field and took some snapshots of the surrounding while the oldies were absent. Then I quickly prepared to continue with the undone picture made yesterday. Since I started painting the picture without people sitting on the benches, who might not be happy about, and therefor, I have to catch the intervals to paint the benches when no body was there, and of course I did not want to spend another morning to tackle with this segment. Morning regulars began to gather and depart, when suddenly some body yelled and a few drops of rain fell. I immediately opened my umbrella reflectively while seeing sports of rain remained on the jogging track. Though the busy crowds overwhelmed me, but the scene attached me to capture. So if I wish to paint the scene quietly, perhaps setting off earlier than the other park regulars might be the only solution for the mean while.


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