It was early and quiet when I set off to the park this morning. Besides a couple of passers-by, the park attendant was the only guy exists to check the communication device at the gate of the park. I walked along the empty pathway under the cloudy sky while rainfall has forecast. To my surprise that the oldies were not there making me feel regret of not having extra sheets of paper, so that I could sketch the view extending in that direction. Anyway apart from the phenomenal nature, the behavior of mankind is one of the unpredictable aspects. Since all these aspects are out of my control whichever or whenever it might happen, all I could do is to face to whatever it might arise. I took out the half done painting to complete, but its complexity was under estimated. Then I highlighted the edge of the metal canopy to voice the tone of the hue, but it distracted my eyesight to search for the structure of the lumpy foliage further behind it. The sun rose to cast warm shadow for the joggers and walkers to enjoy the breezy on the track. But the flicking gestures impeded me to observe the branches spreading upward like a lady’s fan, at the same time the changing hues and shades of the foliage on the tree increased difficulties for me to harmonized the tones of the picture. A couple of morning regulars stood by my side, getting ready to take the bench, when I was packing, because I used to clear the place clean when I leave.


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