It was almost dry after yesterday’s amber rain thunderstorm, which might rise again any time during the monsoon season. When I arrived at the park, a few morning regulars, including the nasty guy, wandering under the gloomy sky. I reached the metal canopy finding the oldies exercising. They greeted loudly to the passers-by but not me, yet I felt fine so far as they did not approach to irritate me working. I prepared my station to work, and I decided to add hues to complete the half done picture without starting a new sketch. I began with painting the hedge plants first because mixing a range of greens remained the focus of the picture. But the on and off hazy sunshine kept varying the hue intensity of the plants. While I was still struggling with the palette, the oldies invited the long time missing friend to join their chats again. To avoid the situation to become unbearable, I restricted my concentration on the palette hue mixing. But then I felt handicapped without the assistance of white to tone the hues down, and the white pillar was painted to look wired. The instant breezy sounds of the insects on the trees overwhelmed the exciting greetings from the frequent joggers and walkers, which reduced the sensation of all the activities on the path. So instead of joining the fight I pack my drawing stuff and leave.


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