Amber rain thunderstorm lasted until dawn this morning. I lay in bed hesitating if I should set off to the park before the official opening hour, because it would be dangerous for me to climb over the perimeter fence of the park under such unfavorable weather condition. I set off late while on the way to the park, under the shelter of an office tower, an old woman accompanied by her maid decided to go to the park after hesitation. Though the rain was less heavy than before and the ground was watery, soon the old woman and her maid disappeared inside the park. I felt uncertain if I should find a shelter to paint and then on the way I walked subconsciously reaching the basketball field. There was no sight of people at all leaving all the damp benches for me to choose under the empty metal canopy. I prepared my station to paint under the metal net roof while the rain turned into soft drizzles. To avoid messing the palette up, I started to paint the hedge plants first by applying various fresh tones of green and then got on to the wooden beam partition bisecting the jogging and cycling tracks…. A park attendant commenced to work, he pull the cleaning trolley wearily on the jogging track in front without greeting me. Then I realized that rain has stopped when daylight began to turn bright, and at the same time more morning regulars arrived to exerciser in the park. So I quickly wrapped the picture up before the area might become a buzzy place.


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