It was bright and quiet when I set off to the park this morning. Except a few people’s flashing shadows I met no one on the way to the basketball field. The oldies exercised under the metal canopy when I arrive. I had no notion to respond to their unfriendly manner but prepared to work immediately. In order to avoid any unexpected nuisance arise either from the phenomenal weather or the nosy people, I chose to complete another half done picture, which I though would take less time to finish. The hot sunrays did not stop the joggers or the walkers to travel on the watery tracks, which also cast shadows of trees and reflect strong light to intensify the hues of the scenery. I felt a bit messy when I came to mix the range of greens while the palette did not seem to agree with me to repent the original tones. At the moment of decision-making, the oldies waved the long time missing friend to join their chats. I kept calm to accept and learn about the situation when I chose to paint in this location of the park to fulfill the project aim. They chatted mildly for a short while and left, perhaps they just want to regain the co-existing right in the park, which I agreed mutely. Though it did not last long, but the short while brilliance attracted more unfamiliar faces to visit the park. I just had no notion to explain my aim to the strangers but to wrap the picture fast.


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