It was a hot, stuffy and air breathless morning. But the joggers did not give in jogging on the track by slowing down the pace. On the way to the basketball field I met a few guys insisting to practice slow motion exercisers. The oldies were already stretching their bodies under the metal canopy while the foreign maid arrived to greet them. To avoid any expected nuisance, I immediately started to work with no respond to them. Instead of finishing the half done painting made yesterday, I sketched the portion of the jogging track stretching toward the left hand side. But the measurement did not meant to be easier though the flow from the adjacent segment extend to reduce the scaling problem. Daylight turned bright fast, while people began to frequent both the pathway and the track, and the birds flew in joining the crowd. They chirped as loud as the greetings of the passers-by while the long time missing friend also greeted without staying behind. Hazy sunshine cast hot ray on the park while sweats from my cheek began to drip. The oldies were replace by the nosy group that I have to speed up the working pace, at least tried to lay more washy paints before wrapping up…


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