I got up the same time as yesterday morning without being bothered by the late night sleep. I hurried to the park just after dawn meeting the same park regulars jogging on the pathway instead of the jogging track. I cared not about them as far as they did not come to hit me. The typhoon passed swiftly yesterday bringing rain to drive the low air pressure away, and I enjoyed the breezy on the way to the basketball field where the oldies ignored me. I hoped that my presence would not added to their content of gossip though I do not understand their dialect. I scanned the view toward where the oldies were and decide not to sketch in the direction facing them. While I took out one of the undone pictures wishing to complete it before the old guy might arrive. On the picture, I found a lot of missing details, which needed attentive observation to depict. Both the cycling and jogging tracks began to crowd with people, and I heard the bell of the bicycle as the young guy cycled it near without his father following behind. I panicked while the dark tones fail, and the picture has to end when the nosy group arrived.


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