At dawn, under the gloomy sky, the forecast rain did not fall. I hurried to paint in the park before undesirable weather condition or annoying matters might change or arise respectively. The gate was half opened before the official opening hours while a few park regulars already wandering inside. I rushed to the metal canopy located by the side of the basketball field on the empty pathway. As usual the couple of oldies exercising under the canopy and have the first bench left for me. I did not mind not being greeted and started to scan the view for the panorama immediately. I decided not to complete the half-painted pictures made on the previous mornings but to depict the view towards the direction where the oldies were, because I wanted to garb any chances that might able to capture that view as the panorama would soon stretched to, while I felt hesitant over the fact that the oldies would reluctantly disapprove. At the mean time, I did not feel bothering though the oldies chatted in high pitch voice since I did not understand the dialect, on the other hand I felt calm and peace to appropriate the scenery in refreshing green tones when the birds came to chirp. Besides the paper skin tree at the front, the view was far and deep composing a lot of details within. The sketch subconsciously occupied me until the nosy group arrived, their chats and moving gesture brought me back to reality and so it was time to go.


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