I got out of bed just after dawn. The sky was bright when I reached the entrance of the park, finding the gate was slightly opened. I was not surprise but feeling negligence that the official opening hours of the park is 6:oo a.m., and it was unofficially opened for the convenience of the early regulars. I slipped in through the gap seeing a few people wandering inside. So I mutely joined their troop as early birds and hurried to the metal canopy by the side of the basketball field after the usual snapshots. A couple of oldies touring around the benches under the metal canopy having their bags laid on the benches at the far side, while the one I used to sit for painting was left available. I greeted them briefly and settle to work immediately. Instead of adding hue to complete the half done picture of yesterday, I started to draft a new sketch on the adjacent view while the sense of the structure still remained. Lifting my head up to observe the view at such a close distance arose ache on my neck, but the peaceful environment encouraged me to carry on though the oldies chatted loudly in a dialect that I did not recognize. Trees are beautiful but always difficult to draw, so instead of depicting the structure of the braches, I laid washes to identity the lumpy canopies in various tones of greens. By adding the edge of the red metal canopy at the top of the page in geometric form, it helped me to allocate the position of the branches when they spread wide open at the top. I felt happy that the longer I viewed at the scene, the more details I visually discovered, while the mega tower at the background served as a good guide for measurement. Perhaps I also need to be considerate and to return the area for the oldies to practice their exerciser when they arrived. So I packed without finishing picture.


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