I tried to get up earlier so as to set off to the park before other park regulars might gather at the metal canopies by the side of the basketball field, but it seemed needing time to get use to. Breezy blew under the bright daylight telling me that people will crowd at the park soon. On the way to the basketball field, I saw only a few people and the Tai Chi group started early. I felt settle to find the bench available under the metal canopy, while the other two benches were occupied by a couple of oldies chatted mildly. With no time to waste I started to measure the view immediately, and began to feel stretching pains on my neck when I lift my head up observing the treetops above. On thing I must remember was to capture  the vertical curvature of the concave effect while the branches composing a complex view. Joggers seemed to get use to my wired gesture when they saw me measuring the view by holding the brush in the air that they did not bother to stare at me any more. I used different colored pencil to overlay the sketchy lines so that the final draft was recognizable. Apart from the jogging track, the pathway and the basketball field began to fill with people, and the benches next to me were of no exception, while nosy visitors kept come and go. Though the chatting matters were not my cup of tea, but it distracted my attention, which situation was not worth for me to linger for another stroke, and therefore, I left the sketchy draft for the next morning to finish.


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