This morning was bright and cool. Since I have got an early trip to travel that I could only prepare to draft a sketch. Though it was early, many of the park regulars were leaving for morning tea by the time I arrived at the park. And I felt there was no time to waist and stated to allocate the position of the view as soon as I settled on the bench that was luckily available. The view to paint this morning was the other part of the canopy cluster located across the jogging track, and therefor, when I held my brush in the air measuring the perspective, I inevitably met the weird eyesight staring from the joggers as they dashed passing in front. Yet I have no notion to bother because my effort was subconsciously occupied. The birds began to chirp everywhere while the sun rose to shine, at the same tine brought along the nosy park regulars, whom disable me to drawing instantly because the link of the sight was lost. Then I packed and leave rather than lingering for a few more strokes.




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