I set off to the park a little bit earlier than yesterday morning, but the morning visitor seemed to race with me that they arrived much earlier than me. I went straight to the basketball field hoping that the bench I sat for painting was available. Arriving at the red metal pavilion, I saw a few oldies sat on the bench at the other end, talking loudly in a dialect that I do not understand, yet I felt fine settling in the cool breeze embracing by their chats. I actually planed to continue with the views that have been painting a couple of days ago, to compose a new panorama. Considering the fact that I forgot to bring the previous pictures, which were painted unhappily in the disturbing situation, I decided to redo the same views so as to make a pleasant start for a new panorama. The last experience helped me to depict the elements smoothly though the view was complex. Knowing that the unbearable situation might disable me  to continue painting when the nosy guys arrived to fickle their bodies, I prepared to lay a thin wash on the sketch and leave the rest for the next day to complete. Meanwhile, players began to arrive activating the spirit of the basketball field, also the area under the green pavilion as well as the benches next to me began to crowed with people. I tried to paint a few more stokes without success and knew that it was time to go.


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