Wind rose again this morning. The meditating group insisted to stay under the shades before the entrance of the park though the ground was wet covering with patches of tidy white petals. A few park regulars dashing from behind my back while I was taking snapshots of the green triangular gate, which was almost blocked by the canopies that has been growing abundantly. Birds chirping nosily at the rooftop, a couple of water pools left on the staircase while the oldies gathered at the far end of the viewing platform. The maid talked to the oldies about her background excitingly, I tried not to care but to endure the nattering noises because I was about to paint the last segment of the panorama. Soon thick clouds floated covering the sky to turn dark, some members of the group departed to avoid the forecast showers. I returned to my conscious finding the weird scale of the floor tiles, but I did not correct it, because wind began to blow carrying sparkles of soft drizzles, but to wrap the picture up quickly by applying mild and light brush strokes. A guy annoyingly walked pass by the side of me, while sudden shower followed…


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