Breezy blew the hanging canopies to sway from side to side calling for creatures to revive the park. The meditating group returned to enjoy the coolness, under the abundance of canopies of the trees, before the entrance of the park. While the oldies remained at the bottom of the viewing platform nattering, they lost interest to bully me so that I could work quietly. Though the atmosphere of the park looked misery without the sun shining, while the breezy cooled the viewing platform further down. I spread out a few of the adjacent segments on the staircase trying to meld the peripherals to flow onto the new sketch. Miss judgment on scale and perspective was once again a problem need to be compromise. To solve the problem drawing could not be solely rely on memory but to observe the view with my naked eyes. I kept on rubbing the messy sketchy lines breaking the fiber of the paper, which aquatic absorbance was reduced resisting washy paints. Birds began to chirp stopping me to linger on the problem, while many of the park regulars were leaving the park.


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