Yesterday’s thunderstorm left behind soaking petals scattering on the wet ground, which condition discouraged the meditating group and the oldies to stay under the shades of the tress before the entrance of the park. No rainfall forecast, but the sky was cloudy. The sun rose fast, casting occasional hazy sunshine behind the thick clouds, attracting some people to watch by the handrails at the bottom of the viewing platform. Water pools left behind on the staircase activated the mosquitos’ energetic strength to attack me while I was concentrating on adjusting the flow of the perspective form the adjacent segments. I felt annoyed by the flirt of the mosquitos, but further more kept on adjusting the scale of the tiles’ pattern mainly for the reason of melding the peripherals on the adjacent segments was not my cup of tea. However, I did not seem to have any notion to revise the wired look of the distorted perspective, which might find out to be inappropriate according to the visual convex effect. I might just want to wait and see the overall effect of the panorama when the individual segment would be arrayed with the last few segments to be completed in a few more days.


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