It was bright and dry though the observatory forecast rainfall. I met the meditating group before the entrance of the park, whom preferred to stay under the shads of the canopies again rather than the viewing platform. Groups of oldies stayed at both sides of the viewing platform chatting and greeting each other aloud while stretching the bodies. I cared not about their busy activities but the featherless corpse that I saw on the staircase yesterday. Before I could find out if the corpse had been removed, I saw another tidy corpse of a bird’s fetuses lying on the other side of the staircase that I was just about to step on. I felt thrill and nosy to lift my head up searching for the bird’s nest that might be built between the metal railings at the rooftop where the unfertilized fetuses was attacked by mice. Since the ceiling was so high that I saw no moving creatures above, then I gave up searching and return to my normal route. I saw stains and tidy debris left spreading behind while the corpse was removed. I had no notion to further sterilize the area but started to paint as fast as I could. Though the pre-drafted sketch reducing the measuring effort on scales, but I felt hesitant upon the distorted perspective extending toward the pasture of the soccer field. I felt annoyed by the messy sketchy lines, at the same I told myself that I was not painting a pretty picture but studying the phenomenal nature through the “on site” exercisers. It was than a flock of birds flew chasing after the bird, which captured a mouthful of bread and had it dropped on the pasture instantly. Perhaps hunger is the intention of killing!!! Instead of rain falling, hazy sunshine shone while it was the turn for the soccer players to chase on the field.


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