The warm weather led the summer time to approach. People on the street wore short sleeve T-shirts, while I still had my long sleeve for the scary mosquitos. Besides looking for a meal by sucking my blood, he flew around my face, trying to get my attention, but I did not feel interest and stroke him with my towel mercilessly. There were less people on the viewing platform perhaps they knew the sun would shine and cast hot ray on the staircase. A gust of cool breeze blew to comfort my persistence when I was about to measure at the view of the staircase edge and the foot of the plant bed beyond. But a huge guy who came to, stretch his body right in front of me down the bottom, interrupt the joyous moment. I stopped panicking by opening the umbrella to shade his moving gesture, though it might not be very nice, yet I wished he knew his moving gesture make me dizzy. I missed the greens when I had spent too many mornings painting the rooftop and the staircase by segments at the very close distance. But I felt lost control to master the tones when I painted them again. The sun emerged behind the clouds casting shadows and hot ray on the platform, though it was hot yet I needed to complete the picture before leaving.


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