Fogs returned hanging at the top of the mega towers, while the abundant canopies shading the fading light on the empty pathway at the entrance of the park. Park regulars gathered at both ends of the viewing platform, while the meditating group at the top of the staircase engulfing the platform in a triangular shape. I climbed to walk on the middle of the staircase trying not to interrupt the meditating group while they were massaging their faces on the circular cushions. I arrived my place preparing to work finding damp vapor condensed to sparkle in the air like soft drizzles. I was glad to paint the last and hardest segment of the panoramic strip for the rooftop, on other hand I felt dissatisfy upon the many misjudgments made on the distorting perspectives. And the last segment was of no exception finalizing a wired look when the segments were arrayed side by side. Well, actually when I started the idea to paint a picture a day, I agreed to preserve the individual quality on each segment, and the notion of the outcome was not suppose to be predicted. The feeling of gambling my effort upon the unexpected results was panicking until I heard the chirping of the birds hoping on the railing at the rooftop, which reminded me consciously that I was not just painting the visual images at the site but the phenomenal environment.


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