The wind howled to sway the abundant canopies on the trees to sound breezy. It was gloomy and cool when a sheer of flimsy clouds preventing the sun to shine. It was nice and cool high up on the viewing platform, where the view was far and vast. The meditating group meditated on their circular cushions again, while a couple of oldies exercising at the bottom chatting about the prices of the dairy produces. I took out a few painted segments to assist the measuring of the metal railing extending toward the left side at the rooftop. Though the sun did not emerge through the clouds, but its hazy sunray was strong enough to blink my eyes, that gave me a hard time when I have to lift my head up to observe the view. The angle of the railing shifted to the turning edge of the rooftop added further difficulties to measure. Under this unfavorable condition, I decided to make comprises between the scale and distortion by estimation with memories rather than merely measurement by observation. The occupation on the challenging view subconsciously sieved the sounds wafting in the environment except the high-pitched bell of the tennis court rang for time up.


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