It was bright, dry and cool under the shads of the abundant canopies in apple green. I walked through the shades to reach the entrance of the park with a few park regulars. At the top of the viewing platform, the meditating group had not yet arrived, while a few people stretching their bodies at the bottom. A sheer of flimsy clouds suspending at the far side above the mountain top, while the sun emerging to rise slowly like a pale disc, which was too weak to sustain. I continue with the potion on the rooftop shifting to the right side. Observing from this shifted angle, I saw the structural beam run horizontally across the rooftop to compose a complex view. The perspective, by means of distortion, has taken me almost the whole morning to sort out appropriately. Subconsciously I heard timid chirping of the birds wafting from somewhere around the pasture of the soccer field that mingled with the broadcast of the “Ban Nam Tuse” group, while the Tai Chi group seemed to practice in low pitch. The pattern was painted by the time the bell of the tennis court rang, which was simple enough to hide the hard work behind.


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