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Rain fell at midnight leaving the ground wet. On the way to the park, breeze swayed the fresh green canopies from side to side trying to sweep away the low pressure in the air, while more orange leaves grew on the stark trees in the mist of the soft drizzles. To avoid getting wet, the meditating group did not exerciser at the top of the viewing platform, but at the mid-lever of the staircase. I settled at my usual place safely, because the water dripped from the rooftop, gathering a small pool of water at the bottom of the arch column, was a yard away from me. The view to paint  morning was the potion of the rooftop railing shifted right above my head. Thought lifting my head up to measure the view gave me pain on my neck, but that was the way to make sure the perspective might meld at the adjacent segment smoother. Suddenly, I saw gesture flicking at the corner of my right eyes, and I turned around to find a young woman took snapshot with her i-phone at my back. Though I did not want to guess her intension, yet I felt uneasily annoyed. So I took a rest and nimble my biscuit until she left. Rain began to fall like cats and dogs without disturbing me much, because no wind helped them to spray. Knowing that was not a situation to linger, I wrapped my picture up quickly and left.


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