_25_pi _25_ph

I guess the humidity moisturized the plants to breed budding foliage in orange red and some of them began to grow into fresh green. The abundant canopies on the trees in monochrome green shaded the mega towers in town while the breeze sweeping the humid air away. The park was damp under the low air pressure, and the meditating group stood on their feet for exerciser. I put newspaper on the staircase before overlaying the plastic sheet so that the flimsy water might not infuse onto my body. On the viewing platform, the view was clear and far because those trees on the opposite side were still in stark, but that did not interfere my view to paint when I still have the rooftop to continue. The perspective on the potion of the rooftop to paint, came to the front, did not distort much. Birds flew following one another trying to approach me for food. Then they flew away to nimble the scrapes on the pasture when I disappointed them.


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