At the entrance of the park, the abundance canopies in green shaded the bright light shining from the sky, while the withering plants inside added misery to the gloomy atmosphere. People were coming and leaving the park when it was still early. I climbed to the top of the viewing platform passing by the meditating group to reach the other end of the staircase. Breeze blew to flip the plastic softly when I overlay it on the stair where was full plants debris. A couple of oldies greeted me at the bottom of the platform and we had a brief chat. The cloudy sky was clear of fogs providing a vast view. Broadcast from the Tai Chi and “Ban Nam Tuse “ groups wafted gentling but clearly across from the Buzzy Square while more members began to gather. I continued to paint another potion of the rooftop towards the left hand side with moderate distortion on the perspective. I completed the simple picture faster that the park attendant finishes weeping the rubbish on the pasture, while a young boy accompanied by his maid arrived much earlier than other members of the team waiting for the pasture of the soccer field get ready to start the game.


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