Round the corner of the residential building, strong wind blew the dry winkled leaves scattering on the ground breezily. Canopies on the trees swayed nosily from side to side overwhelming the chirping of the birds. I had a fight with the howling wind when preparing to settle down on the top of the viewing platform for the panorama. The wind kept flapping the plastic overlaid on the stair as well as the picture on my hand. I felt cold but fresh by the blowing wind, which helped me to focus on the work patiently. I felt warm again when the old lady greeted me at the bottom of the platform to remind me that the wind might blow harder on the viewing platform. The pattern on the staircase was simple but I was not sure about the elongated scale depicted from the tiles that I sat next to, but that was how images extend. I supposed the color tones would become the focal interest on the simple pattern that I searched for dirt stains on the stair so that I could paint them to enhance the hues on the picture. A whir mingled with roars of vehicles, roadwork machine, and broadcast of the activity groups and chats of park regulars pervading the park to overwhelm the lyric of the bird’s chirping. Scattered raindrops fell to predict rainfall and the park regular packed to dismiss their activities while it was also the time for me to depart too.


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