The sky was clear after dawn though the observatory forecasted thunderstorm. The ground was almost dry while the newspaperman stood at the door of the residential building  reviewing the customer list before distributing the papers. The breeding buds grew, to reform the blooming canopies on those trees grow in front of the park, revealing vitality of spring. Some strangers wandering in the park while I was heading for the viewing platform. The water-pool remains scattered on the staircase reflecting images of plants and high-rise building upon the flimsy surfaces. I settled to work while it was still quiet and dry. Looking at the pre-sketched draft of the staircase, I felt unbearable to see the misjudged perspective any more and therefore decided to make alterations patiently. Soft drizzle crept in unnoticeably, while the nosy ranger climbed up to the top greeting loudly to those park regulars, who crept in behind me some minutes ago. I tried to avoid being annoyed and complete the simple pattern as fast as I could when I saw thick clouds floating across the sky to shade the daylight. It was then heavy raindrops fell to respond to the weather forecast.


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