Heavy fogs continued to suspend down to the mid-level of the mega towers. Near the entrance of the park, I saw the breeding buds on the branches grew into canopies dressing the stark trees green. I met no body along the way to the viewing platform, but noticing the farthest viewing distance has been shortened to the booking office located at the opposite side of the soccer field. High-rise buildings began to emerge inside the fogs, while a sheer of soft grey clouds floating in the air covered instantly the scenery in the park and the town beyond. The foggy weather did not block the painting site, because I chose to paint the subsequent potion on the staircase. I worked fast on the pre-sketched draft without observing much on the site. Somehow I felt shame of not pursuing the original idea to work on site, but the bad weather condition seem to give me excuse to do so. I felt like working inside a cage when the fogs getting denser embracing the boundary of the park. And at the rim of the realm the overwhelming noises, from speeding vehicles, chirping birds, flying helicopter, airplane and boat on the harbor mingled together, trying to reach me by bursting the crust. Perhaps the unbearable noise was trying to dismiss me to work further, so I pack the soaking overlay on the ground and left secretly.


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