Heavy fogs returned suspending low amongst the mega buildings in town. Morning vapor condensed into soft drizzles flitting in the damp air while the low air pressures choked my breath. Most of the aged park regulars preferred to defer the outdoor activity schedule except the nasty guy jogging around the open space at the entrance of the park, and then I had to alert my travelling route, for snapshots, to avoid him hitting me again with his nuisance excuse. The condition on the viewing platform was not as bad as the previous days but the meditating group was absent again. After preparing my station to work, I saw fogs suspending even lower than before while the birds chirped loudly to complain. As the angle of my body shifted to gradually reduce the scale of distortion on perspective, the geometric structure of the tile pattern became stabilized. Besides the fogs suspending low, the low air pressure also condensed the sound wave to echo within the spacious soccer field. The roaring of the vehicles from the highway, the broadcast of the “Ban Nam Tuse” dancing group and the high pitch discussion of the Hot Topic group fought each other to challenge my hearing endurance. To stop the inevitable physical phenomenon, I wrapped the simple pattern quickly and packed.


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