Shower kept on falling since midnight. On the way to the park wind rose flitting the rain in various directions. Instead of heading directly to the viewing platform, I turned to walk on the pathway behind. But then I changed my mind to climb at the other end of the platform to work there. The windy shower kept falling on and off that I opened my umbrella to prevent the paper to get wet by the drizzling drops. Though I disagreed with the perspective that was pre-sketched on the draft, but I used watercolor to paint directly without further alterations made. The high pitch voice of the Hot Top group wafted across the soccer field overwhelming the timid roar from the highway, while the birds did not chip but flying low from the rooftop and disappeared. I laid hues on the picture without mixing them through serious observation, because the cool rain did not allow me to stay long. I saw a couple of park regulars climbed up to the top of the viewing platform when I was about to tidy the soaking wet stuff. Well, my part to fight with the phenomenal power of nature was done and left the rest for those guys to face.


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