Fogs returned suspending low to embrace the town. Soft drizzles sparkling in the air and the ground were very wet. No body carried umbrella on the street but dashing hurriedly to their destinations on the slippery ground. Shallow water pools scattered on the staircase of the viewing platform making it too dangerous for people to access. I climbed up to the top steadily to escape stepping on the flimsy water, the absence of the meditating group made me feel lonely. But it was not very long a mosquito flew near trying to keep me accompany, but I refused by sending his away with a heavy stroke of a towel. The obtuse angle of the staircase kept on tuning according to the visual perspective that I have learnt the other morning, and I tended to follow the flow from the peripheral images rather than measuring it seriously. The birds chirped noisily above echoing to the roar from the highway, while the blowing horn of the boat from the harbor joined in. A scent of stinky smell wafted in the air to pervade the park brought me back to reality. At the same time the foggy vapor kept condensing to glitter drizzles in the air and people on the pathway began to open their umbrellas. The birds flew chasing each leaving the rooftop, so I wrapped the picture without lingering for details.


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