Dawn arrived before I set off to the park. Wind rose while the temperature dropped. The floor was dry but the observatory forecast rainfall. The branches on the stark trees, planted at the entrance of the park, blooming prosperously shading a lay of fresh green upon. I hurried to the viewing platform where the top of the staircase has been occupied by the meditating group as well as some park regulars. I walked pass them while watching out the water pools on some of the steps. A couple of park visitors approached the bottom of the platform and smile sly tearing me while I was struggling with the flipping plastic against the wind. I saw the sky getting gloomy and felt soft drizzle sparkling in the air when observing the view at the top. I found that the bushes plant behind the platform has grown beyond the perimeter of the segment painted sometimes ago. So after a few measurements with the brush, I decided to give up painting the view because I was not sure about perspective of the images, which might become difficult to meld as the panorama proceeds. I chose to paint the tiles of the staircase, which was sketched the morning before. Drizzle fell together with the wind, so I completed the picture fast before the power of nature drained my strength by holding the umbrella to fight against it.


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