Though the humidity was not high but the air pressure was low. I walked in slow pace while feeling breathless on the way to the park. The new breeding on the bear branches began to shad daylight on to the street through the stark trees. The park was not as busy as yesterday when I reached the viewing platform, but empty water bottles, flowers petals in violet and white were scattered on the green pasture of the soccer field. Park regulars began to arrive as well as the nosy maid accompanying the old lady. I felt annoyed that she greeted deceitfully to other visitors loudly rather than looking after her master. Beside thick clouds, the sky was clear of fogs that I chose to paint. But the clouds flew swiftly shimmering bright light from time to time and tones of them were pale and dull. In order to give them forms and color, I applied many layers of tones by mixing red, blue and green. The picture was completed fast that enable me to draft a liner sketch of the floor tiles on the staircase, so as to reduce the workload for the next morning.


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