Dense fogs dispersed to remain thick clouds hanging on the gloomy sky. Bright light shone through the gaps of the stark branches, where tidy foliage hung frailly. It was not wet but the low air pressure gave me dizzy on my head. I felt weary while my footsteps were heavy and slow. I steadily climbed up to the viewing platform without paying much attention to the meditating group whom was sitting on their circular cushions meditating. I settled on my place to carry on with the planned view to paint for the panorama, while the meditating group stood to peep at me. I tried to put myself together and complete the picture before more nosy people might come to exercise on the comfortable viewing platform. The railing on the rooftop was extending to the position right above my head, which caused pains on my neck when I lift my head up to observe. A couple of birds chasing each other from the rooftop to the green pasture and then flew out of sight. A flock of tidy bird also flew to the ground for food instead of chirping at the rooftop during springtime. The simple pattern did not take me too long to finish so that I could depart together with the birds.


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