I felt happy to see the ground on the street almost dry and at the same time the wind dropped. Dawn broke early as spring creeping in quietly. But the unusual weather temperature kept fluctuating up and down since the beginning of the year, preventing green buds of the plants to foster on time. I carefully climbed up to the viewing platform to complete the half done picture when people and birds were still absent. Looking at the vast scenery on the platform, instead of expecting copious foliage, I saw either bear branches or withering canopies on the treetops lifelessly around the park. It was gloomy under the foggy sky when I spread out the drawing kit on the watery stairs. I began to outline the grids by using vary dark tone for contrast and the picture was subconsciously painted in a mood of misery. That was the situation I always persuade myself to believe to be the mutual responds to the atmospheric phenomenon of nature when someone was embraced within. And perhaps that might be the answer to the one of viewer’s comment that the tones applied on my watercolor paintings were muddy and dull. Shower began to fall on the upper step of the staircase without bothering me, but the soccer team was hesitating if they should start their game on the soaking wet soccer field….


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