The ground on the street was soaking wet and soft drizzle kept sparkling in gusts of wind that spreading pools of water everywhere. A few people dashing on the street but not visiting the park. I climbed up to the viewing platform and surprise to see a guy exercising at the top. But I soon left after him, when the windy drizzles became denser blowing my umbrella away a couple of times, and I felt too dangerous to climb up and down the slipper staircase picking up the blown away stuffs. I steadily climbed down the stairs heading aimlessly for nowhere until I reached the Tai Chi Square, where I saw the coach of the Tai Chi group travelling to and fro along the curve pavilion. Since the first bench along the pavilion was available that I decided to settle there to paint. I clearly knew that the flitting drizzles would allow me to stay for long by damping the paper, so I chose to paint the simple wooden beam structure at the roof canopy. The pavilion was not a suitable shelter when drizzles flitting in all directions making me exhausting to paint by holding the umbrella against it. When I almost finished my picture the soft drizzles assembling into heavy rain. But the dripping raindrops did not let go, it leaked from the gaps of the wooden beam above dispersing the paints on the picture to become blur.





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