Midnight rain diminished into soft sparkling drizzles at dawn. The floor on the street was slippery wet that people chose to practice exercises under the roof of the residential buildings rather than visiting the park. Perhaps that was the reason why I saw neither sight nor hearing muttering of people in the park. Under the foggy sky I walked alone on the wet floor without seeing shadows of any kind but reflections of trees and buildings revealed upon the pools of shallow water. I climbed up to the viewing platform, did not expect the soaking condition would be any better than the day before. Though drizzles still flitting in the air but it was calm in gentle breeze that I decided to stay for painting. The fog pervaded the park embracing the tops of the high-rise building, but the view to paint was clear. I chose to paint the staircase of the viewing platform intending to eschew the complex view involving geometric forms of buildings and the rooftop, but I under estimated the complexity of the view, which includes the acute angle of the perimeter fence meeting the staircase at the far end. I seemed to return to reality when hearing the horn buzzing from the boat on the harbor. Then I quickly laid down pale washes of paints on the sketch until the soaking paper could absorb them no more. Eventually I was not alone on the viewing platform when some park regulars began to arrive and stretch their bodies by the railing.


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