I woke up late after a sleepless night. I put on my thick jacket in a hurry without paying attention to the monsoonal weather, while people on the street wearing shot selves clothing. Dense fogs suspended low pervading the town and submerge the tops of the high-rise buildings again, while the floor was wet and so as the staircase of the viewing platform where pools of water remained. Without second thought to the environment, I laid out the drawing kit preparing to work in the mist of the humid air. It was time to wrap this 360-degree panorama up, which meat that I need to paint the final column of segments by joining the peripherals on the primal and second last columns. Knowing that I might not have enough time to sketch the complex view on the middle segment, I chose to paint the top one. I thought the scales of structural patterns painted on both sides of the adjacent segments were big enough to connect smoothly, when I found the perspectives on individual segments maintained. So in order to wrap the panorama sensibly I spent ages to work out a cohere distortion. The bell of the tennis court did not ring while birds chipped noisily, together with the arrival of the young soccer team reminded me the time to go.


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