Soft drizzles fell upon the chilly breeze. Under the pale navy blue sky, I saw dim glows reflecting on the flimsy waster pools at the foot of the office canopy. I met a couple of park regulars walking steadily on the wet floor in their umbrellas, and soft drizzles fell blurring their images through my camera lens. It was not to my surprise at all that the staircase of the viewing platform was one of the disastrous area in the park, where was occupied by pools of water in large and small. It was difficult for me to climb and I have to twist about avoiding to step on the wet area. Need not to say that the area I used to stay for painting was of no exception, but that was not the trouble bothering me most, because I was facing the most complex view to be painted in this morning’s segment. The receding view extended towards the end of the platform was far and long, while the perspective shortened to create extreme proportions of images between the near and far view. While the worst was the structure of the tube railing arrayed at the rooftop overlapping each other composing a complex pattern that took me ages to analyze by visual observation. I hesitantly drew each of the arrays attentively to avoid confusion that might be caused by the overlaid sketchy lines. I felt anxious but chilly when the soccer team arrived to start the game, so to finalize the morning’s task, I put washy paints to identify some areas before leaving the rest for the next day to complete.


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