Chilly wind rose again at dawn. At the entrance of the park I vaguely saw the nasty guy departing under the shadows of trees. I subconsciously felt that some annoying matter was on the way. The water pools at the platform dried up while drops of rain fell leaving damp spots on the staircase, so I hurried to settle down and paint quickly. I thought to finish the half done picture was easy and kept mixing a range of greens in various tones for the suspending railing tubes from the rooftop. Then a group of young men came to practice acrobatic dance in front of me. Since their flicking gesture made me feel dizzy that I requested them to stay further down the long platform but they refused. To solve the problem I opened my umbrella to shade their flicks. May be that was the reason why I did not linger but paint quickly prevented the simple pattern being over done. Instead of the chirping birds, I was cheered up from the predicted nuisance by seeing a team of young soccer players chasing balls around the field.


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