The weather was freezing cold, but dawn arrives earlier each morning gave me no excuse to set off late. I wrapped myself in thick jacket and wooden scarf to keep warm while the newspaperman delivering paper in short sleeve T-shirt. On the way to the park I saw blue sky revealing through the stark branches of the trees, which cast no more shadows on the dry floor. The open space at the entrance of the park was still gloomy while people and trees appearing in silhouettes. I climbed up steadily to the viewing platform where pools of water remaining on the staircase precluded people to access. However, the dry windless weather kept me there to paint comfortably, which calmed my anxious feeling to sort the massive structure of the metal railing suspending at the rooftop. The proportion might not seem measured but the geometrical perspective of the railings looked perfectly sketched. I felt happy with the sketch and the bird at the rooftop chipped to cheer noisily. Soon as I saw the soccer team started their game, I knew it was almost time to leave. Then I quickly laid down a lay of washy paints to leave the half done picture for the next day to complete.


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