Daylight brightened fast after dawn. I met a few nasty guys on the way to the park. Seeing their hostile facial expressions in the daylight, I felt disturbed throughout the time painting in the park. At the bottom of the viewing platform I heard the birds chirping nosily sweeping away temporarily the annoying feeling. I felt calm when climbing up to the viewing platform but some timid noise arose my anxiety again, because I thought that was the water dripping from the rooftop. As I reach to the top of the platform to find out that was just the clapping noise of a woman wafting from the pathway below. The platform was almost empty except the guy exercising by the railing who left quietly without me noticing. I took a deep breath to release my overwhelmed feeling while the environment seemed to become peaceful again besides the occasion roaring wafting from the highway. The sun rose behind the high-rise buildings, radiating light tinting the sky pinkish orange, and I need to hurry with the unfinished picture of yesterday. But then when I tried to mix relevant color from the scenery, the sunray shone directly on to my eyes making me feel dizzy. I opened my umbrella to shad the sunray while completing the picture, and did not want to blame those nasty guys who started an unhappy morning, because problems could be solved eventually.


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