With no confidence in the fluctuating weather, I wrapped myself up as usual when I set off to the park this morning. Along the gloomy path, though images revealed vaguely but in silhouettes no more. I clearly saw a few park regulars departing that made me feel shame of being lazy. High up on the viewing platform I enjoyed merging in a gust of cool breeze while seeing a couple of people stretching their bodies by the railing at the bottom and hearing the birds chirping at the rooftop above. The morning light brighten up fast and the glows shinning from the towers began to diminish. I lift my head up, feeling ache on my shoulders when I saw the two various geometric formats waiting for me to construct. In order to minimize the complexity of the view, I chose the rooftop as the focal image for the picture. Then I shifted my body to face the frontal view to discover the angle of perspective, on the railing tubes, distorted diametrically, which did not meld with the peripheral images from the adjacent picture. Feeling hesitantly warm, I took off the scarf around my neck while waiting for more patience to accumulate to cool the matters down.


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