I over slept and set off late this morning. It was bright and quiet in the park that I believe most of the park regulars have gone for the morning tea. I climbed up to the viewing platform noticing a couple of shallow water pools scattering on the staircase, while drops of water kept dripping down along the pipe from the roof railing. Apart from watching out the mosquitos, which might come to annoy me, I settled quickly at the usual spot for painting. I felt dizzy from my hangover drowse losing the patience to observe the scene, and then I rather chose to fill color in the unfinished picture with my memory. The sun rose above the high-rise building shining its strong ray directly onto my eyes, and flattening the tones of the frontal scene by shading it with a sheer of black smoky fogs. Instantly, I found it difficult to observe the scene any more, and with my head down, I tried to add imaginative tones to enhance the contrast of the picture, hoping to derive a sense of depth within.


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