The weather was calm but cold. The park regulars began to visit the park earlier than before. It was bright and quiet high up at the viewing platform where I saw lights shone from some flats on the high-rise buildings, telling that somebody has started to work much earlier than me. A cool breezy blew wakening me from my drowse. I sat my weary body straight up and immediately lay out the drawing kit. Since the pre-sketch was drafted a couple of mornings ago that the familiarity of the image was lost. I hesitated what to paint first, than lazily mixing some very pale tone from the left behind paints on the palette to fill in the lines on the sketch rather than painting. I kept trying to mix some relevant tones rather than using the hue directly from the palette, but the tones looked as dull as my feelings. Even when I heard the bell of the tennis court ringing and saw a team of junior soccer players entering the field in their luminous out fits, which did not cheer me up. So I wrapped the picture up quickly with some contrasted tones before it become messy.



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