It was still dark after dawn. Besides the newspaperman, delivering the papers, I met some park regulars hurrying to the park too. I climbed up the stairs settling quietly to work while a few people began to gather at the bottom of the viewing platform to stretch their bodies by the railing. In order to complete the top segment of the first column, I chose the paint the top of the arch column having high-rise buildings at the back. Though geometric form is never my cup of tea, I reminded myself to overcome whatever problems might arise when painting outdoor, which is one of the reasons for the mission. At the top of the viewing platform breeze blew cooling down the chills and the bird chirped noisily above. A woman came to fickle her body at a near distance in front of me, arouse my anxiety upon the complex view to paint. I tried to calm down again when the bell of the tennis court rang while focusing my attention to measure the perspective of the view. But miss-judged scale was found, which seemed unable to meld with the peripherals of the adjacent segment. I felt tied after a several trials, and decided to enjoy painting the segment with its own perspectival quality than entangling with the peripherals.


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