The temperature dropped again in the calm and humid weather. Before reaching the viewing platform I met a few park visitors, but not the familiar regulars. High up on the platform it was cold and wet with patches of water left behind from the previous days. A gust of cold breeze blew to bring me back to reality while I was subconsciously emerge within the vast space by facing the artificial pasture of the soccer field under the flimsy grey sky. The birds chirped at the railing of the rooftop urging me to paint when the nosy people was absent. I took out the pre-sketched segment wondering which area to paint first. Then I chose to make a vague statement on the perimeter fence of the soccer field in pale grey blue, and fill in the gaps with images appeared in between the girds, which I regarded as the tedious part that needs more attention to do. Yet it did not mean that the bunches of canopies above the fence had less trouble, while the tones I used for the foliage in the foreground tented to merge with those behind, eliminating the sense of depth amongst the bushes. So I moved my attention to paint the green pasture of the field hoping that my hand could be steady enough to leave straight white lines. The paper was still damp when I return to the foliage trying to retrieve the sense of depth, but it was fatally….


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