The temperature of this morning dropped further down, but which did not discourage the park regulars visiting the park. To avoid nosy people who might approach to arise nuisance, I hurried to the viewing platform where was then all left to me. As expected the view to paint was the tops of trees at the Tai Chi Square, which occupying the bottom part of the page, while the vast gloomy sky took the rest of the paper. Though the sky was flimsily pale having thin clouds floating like camouflage, I carefully traced painting them with the left over paints on the palette and successfully achieving a dynamic effect that I felt happy about. After paining the sky I found that the bottom of the page was too wet to take up more paints, while waiting for the paper to dry, I took time off stretching to relieve the numbly paints on my legs. But then the tinted ground was dry, merging with the paints atop, disabling the quality of warm and cold tones to reveal the difference spices of plants clearly.


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