The weather was nice while people rushing on the gloomy street heading for their destinations. I was enjoying the cool breeze while taking snapshots when the nasty guy popped up, round the corner of the shrub, staring at me furiously. I passed him by ignoring his annoyance, but no latter I heard the high pitch voice of the Hot Topic group wafting from nowhere breaking the serenity of the park at dawn. To retrieve myself, from these uncontrollable desires of other people, I settled quickly at the viewing platform without greeting the kind old lady, while she was busy stretching her body at the far end. When I took out the brush to measure the view extending toward the soccer field on the left side of my body position, I found the view of the middle segment has shifted above my eye level, which might subsequently become a bit of a problem on the perspective measuring on the adjacent upper and lower segments of the panorama. To obtain vertical concave effect for the panorama, measuring equal distance of the vertical curvature for each of the segmental view is essential. While the compressed images appearing at the upper or lower parts of the segments would be achieved when the views were measured by holding the brush either having the top or bottom tilled inward instead the holding it in the up right position.


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